Heidi Matthews is a freelance, professional Skin Consultant dedicated to understanding an individual's skin care needs by demonstrating how to take the very best care of your skin. Her friendly and informative treatment sessions allow you to experience a real ‘home from home’ feeling.

Empowering you to improve your confidence around your skin’s appearance is her mission!

Whether you require advice on keeping ageing at bay, preventative solutions, discolouration, scarring, breakout skin or cellulite reduction, Heidi recognises the need to identify effective solutions specifically designed for you and how to replicate great results at home even if you have limited time.

Heidi is currently inviting new clients to experience a 30-minute facial rejuvenation and skin clarifying session in our peaceful Well-being Room in our Paintworks space.

A polishing exfoliator is applied first to remove dead cells and prepare the skin to receive the next stage, a two-step galvanic session. A small, hand held device that can easily be used at home, delivers a very low level electrical current and is totally pain free. Studies show that galvanic current improves delivery of key ingredients to the deepest layers of skin. Transform a tired or stressed complexion into immediately refreshed, firmer and incredibly soft skin. The results are remarkable: a radiant, youthful face will leave people wondering about your age and secret!

As part of the session, you are invited to privately discuss any skin concerns, past or present, and together you’ll complete a 10-minute personalised skin care consultation, enabling Heidi to devise a skin care routine bespoke to you.  This will include recommending targeted products to treat and rejuvenate your complexion, paying particular attention to the clarity, feel, firmness, brightness and overall well-being of your skin.  

For any initial suitability questions surrounding a galvanic session please get in touch with Heidi.

Mobile: 07891 257470     |     Email:   hmbristol@hotmail.com

Advised usage: Two to three times a week for 10 minutes per session. Please be aware that you should not use a galvanic device if you have a pacemaker, fixed metal dental bridge or any kind of metal plates in any part of your body, however small.