Theres so much to say here that the best thing is for you to give you an example!

Sylwia, pictured, is one of our long standing clients; we know her well. She wanted to have a series of pictures that captured her looking as good on the outside as she felt on the inside. After Lukas' usual amazing hair re-style and deep colour change, Sylwia worked with Jenny (Make-up Artist) to create subtle yet accentuating colour, enhancing eyes and facial features. Then, combining Sylwia's existing clothes and accessories, the team set-up a photoshoot in our Paintworks space for Dominika (Photographer) to produce a series of amazing photos. 

If you want to rediscover your style, or create a new one, contact us. Our team of stylists can go shopping with you, create your colour charts, assess current wardrobes, teach you how to apply subtle to striking make-up, home-style hair etc... the list goes on. 

Get in touch and talk to us.